Rail Infrastructure

Learn about the Magnificent rail infrastructure you’ll see when you’re out and about looking for trains!

Cog Railways (What they are and How they Work)

Cog railways, also known as mountain railways, are a type of railway designed to climb steep inclines with the help of a toothed rack rail, or cog, which runs in the center of the track. This cog engages with a gear on the locomotive, providing …

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Understanding the Rail Gauge

As a railfan, you may have noticed that not all railway tracks are the same width. This difference in width is known as the rail gauge and is an essential component of the railway system. In this blog post, we’ll explore what rail gauge is …

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Rail Turnouts: What they Are and Why they Matter

As a railfan, you may have seen rail turnouts, also known as switches or points, on the railway tracks. These devices play a crucial role in directing trains onto different tracks, allowing them to switch from one route to another. Switching Tracks A rail turnout …

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Rail Tamping (You might have seen a Tamping Machine)

Rail tamping is a crucial part of maintaining the safety and reliability of railroad tracks. As a railfan, it’s essential to understand what this process is and how it works to appreciate the hard work that goes into maintaining the railway system. Stability and Levelling …

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The Rail Bed: What it is and Why you should Care

Railfans often spend countless hours observing and photographing trains as they pass by on the tracks. While it’s easy to appreciate the power and beauty of these machines, there’s often more to the scene than meets the eye. One important aspect of the rail system …

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